Thursday, September 29, 2016

Up A Creek

While googling 'Private Student Loans' yesterday, I stumbled upon this article. The article is, for the most part, bad. The editor talks more about how to get out of Federal loan debt than she does Private debt. Obviously she knows not how to stay on track with her 'Tackling Private Student Loans' title she selected herself. Here I am seeing the word, 'tackling' and thought I was about to embark on an aggressive repayment plan to later be told the more I read that "You'll just have to bite the bullet". Needless to say, the article is a waste of time, but the comments below the article are where it gets good. Or bad I should say.

The one paragraph comments from readers below the article are like quick punches in the face. Or like experiencing a brief moment of water boarding, either one. They tell you how much they owe, who they are in a nutshell then tell you they cannot do a thing about their debt no matter what they try to do. Almost every one of the comments end on a depressing FACT. The fact being there is NOTHING any of us can do about it.

Maybe the editor was right, you just have to bite the bullet; but I believe we should bite the bullet while still putting up a fight. Anyway, read the comments. They might give you a sense of community like they did me. It is good every now and again to read about someone else and know you are not the only one without paddles.

Click here to view the article.

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