Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Feasible Financial Deal for People with Disability

loans for people on disability benefits

Physical or mental disability left no choice for people to spend rest of their life on DSS benefits. They get basic financial gain from this department to survive. But not all the needs can be fulfilled with minimum benefits. The time comes when you have to look after unforeseen needs but not in position to raise cash. At this point do not think disability has closed the doors of financial help. Loans for people on benefits come as blessing in disguise for mentally or physically affected people through which funds for short term needs can be extracted.

With these specialized loan services disabled individuals can remain independent to procure much needed cash in simple manner. The finance generated from these fiscal offers can be anywhere in between $100 to $1000. Applicants have to pay back borrowed sum of cash within specified time frame of 15 days to 30 days.

Cash borrowers from loans for people on benefits can be utilized by applicants for meeting emergency needs like paying for hospital bill, medicine expenses; children school fee, house rent, credit card dues etc.

No collateral is needed to place by borrowers against these unsecured loans. Whether you own a property or not you can still apply for this cash facility. On the other side, loan providers have nothing to do with your bad credit history. Past credit mistakes like arrears, foreclosure, missed payment, IVA etc will not pose hindrance in way of disabled people.

Apply for these loans through online mode without making physical move out of house. You need to process single page of virtual application filled with genuine details. When approval comes funds will be wired automatically in checking account of borrowers without realizing it.

Feel competent enough to raise external finance with aid of loans for people on benefits despite of facing mental or physical challenges. Bad credit ratings will be neglected by lenders to offer loan in shortest possible time.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

At A Crossroad

What should I do now? I'm really not sure. Let me catch you up with where I am since my last post in May...

In August of 2013 my total student loan debt was $78,950.18 and today (January of 2015), my total student loan debt is $47,828.42. In a mere 18 months, I have put $30,808.19 towards my student loan debt.

I am down from my original 6 loans to now 2 and a half (thank you, Jesus & Dave Ramsey!) I have my 2 highest principal loans remaining (26K & 17K) as well as over half of my 14K paid down to 6K.

I plan to have the remaining 6K paid off in the next few months. That will leave me with 2 loans totaling about 43K. My interest rate is 8% for the 26K and 8.50% for the 17K, I have been reading reviews about the various companies out there who are currently offering private loan consolidation. It seems like, for the most part, unless I have an above average income, the interest rates offered are about the same as I am paying now.

I am not sure what to do here - do I go for it and try lowering my payments by a minimal amount (I am talking maybe a point or a point and a half of interest) or keep them where they are at Sallie Mae? Maybe the above is thinking pessimistically, but with my credit score (which is currently 761) and an average income, I am unsure the point difference in interest wouldn't be anything impressive. Is it worth the attempt of applying, having multiple pulls on my credit score, and the hassle that we all know dealing with these companies can be? Maybe, anything to save a buck, right? Not sure which road I will sashay down, but at least the latest and greatest update on my progress is documented. Happy New Year, folks! Hard to believe I started this blog in 2010, and I am where I am now, still writing to you in 2015; thanks for the emails and support thus far :)

As always, let me know your advice: comment below or email me at

Oh yeah, and as for my opinion of the best resource to research consolidation places, click here, just in case you yourself would like to gander :)