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Simple Steps In Order To Get Reliable And Suitable Loans For Disability!

Physically or mentally challenged people always consider themselves unfortunate because they can’t lead a normal life. Their inability to meet the financial demands of the loved ones always leaves the sense of dissatisfaction. But now is the time to turn around this situation as disability loans are easily available in the money market. There are innumerable online lenders that are offering these services to disable people who need cash help to meet certain personal desire. With these deals, one can simply accomplish the additional necessities in the easiest way possible.

About The Monetary Service              

As the name implies, these are special services designed to help disable people in their tough times. With these services they can simply take needed small cash advance with the duration that is enough to make easy payment. The nature of these deals is unsecured that help both homeowners and tenants to get cash in need without risking their personal assets. Thus, to get the approval of cash one need to show the proof of affordability though any other income source such as benefits from DSS, investment income, etc.

The interest charges attached with these disability loans are slightly high in nature because it is given to disable people who do not hold the stable job. But still one can find the apt service by following certain steps mentioned below:         

Helpful Steps To Get Suitable Financial Service

•    To get the approval of these loans, one needs to show his/her sound financial situation. So, it is wise to check your pocket and apply accordingly that increase your chances to get easy loan approval.

•    After knowing your needs and pocket, just start searching for the service that is apt for your situation. It is advised to compare the rate and terms of many lenders to choose the affordable option. Always choose the option with no upfront fee to make it more reasonable that fall easily within your pocket. 

•    Before making the choice it is must that you verify the genuineness of the lender to make sure you have picked the trustworthy lender. This step also helps you to avoid the trap of fraud lenders of market.

•    As soon you find the right Loans For Disability service, just fill the loan application. It is advised to provide all the correct details as it increase your chances to get the apt service. Lender simply checks your details and gives the pre-approval if you are a potential borrower.

•    After giving approval they give agreement to sign which one should read carefully before making commitment. If all the terms are satisfied then you can simply sign and return the deal to get quick cash advance.

•    Once you return the signed deal to the lender, they transfer the cash amount right in your bank account without any delay.
Wish You To All Borrowers
Have A Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Disability Loans Fast: Financial Benefit In Need For The Differently Able People!

Availing the cash loans in urgent times is quite easy for almost everyone despite of their any situation. All thanks to online lenders who allow every many seeker to get easy cash help according to the circumstance. People having any mental or physical disability also find it really easy to receive loan quickly without any hassle through disability loans fast. Individuals who are going through some financial turmoil and holding some disability can simply rely upon these services to get desired cash within few hours of making application.              

Financial Solution For Disable People 

These special loan products are designed to help disable people in their tough times by offering the small cash help for short term. The lending terms of the finances are decided by the lender after analyzing the current financial and personal situation of the borrower so he/she enjoys the hurdle less lending. But before applying for the service, it is notable that it is given to you of you prove your ability to make repayment through the disability income from the agency (DSS). The eligibility condition of every lender varies from other so it is must that you check it beforehand to understand your chances to get loan approval.         

Hurdle Less Lending And Same Day Cash Assistance 

No physical and mental disabilities can put an obstruction in the way of availing these disability loans fast. To make the process simpler, lenders eliminate the traditional the custom of pledging collateral or faxing unnecessary documents. Online lenders just want money seeker to fill their online application with correct and complete details. They simply check the situation of the applicant and offer the service that is apt for their situation. The loan amount and repayment duration are finalized as per the repaying ability of applicant so he/she can enjoy the hurdle less lending option. 

Liberty To Choose The Apt Scheme

It is notable that loan rate of these finances are suppose to be slightly high because it is offered to disable people without taking any security. So, it is must that you should compare the loan quotes of multiple lenders in order to find the suitable lending scheme. Every lender offers the scheme at their own terms which give money seekers an opportunity to compare and find the reliable lending scheme. So, check out the lending offers of multiple lenders to find the apt service that is right for your particular situation in every way.      

No Restriction For Bad Credit Holders
Disable people having poor credit background need not to disappoint as they can also grab the disability loans fast from specialized lenders. There is no restriction for bad credit holders to get these services as lenders allow them to get money simply on the basis of their need and repaying ability. Online market is filled with lenders that allow disable people to get money from comfort of their home within 24 hours to fulfill their personal demands. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

S.M.A.R.T. Tips for Saving on your Auto Loan

Americans love cars. It is one of the reasons why America is amongst the world’s top car-owning countries. Every year, Americans spend several thousand dollars on auto loan payments. If you are looking forward to buying a car, make sure that you follow S.M.A.R.T. tips. The tips will help you save money and ensure that you do not opt for exorbitant auto loans.

Follow the S.M.A.R.T. Tips and Save Money

When car buyers have to make a decision about auto loans, logic takes a backseat and emotions become a controlling factor. It is the reason why car buyers say yes to financially harmful auto loans. To save yourself from the possibility of a financial damage, you must follow the tips.
S.M.A.R.T. Tips for Financing a Car

S - Specific

The car is a huge asset. So, it is essential that you understand your requirements before buying a car. It is important that you have a specific image of the type of the car that you want. It will help you stay away from an impulse purchase.  Consider the list of following factors because it will help you in choosing your perfect car:

1. Total number of passengers
2. Gearbox - Automatic or manual gearbox?
3. Cargo capacity
4. Vehicle performance
5. Driving conditions
6. Gas mileage
7. Safety features
8. Technological features
9. Parking space

M - Money

Remember that even if you opt for an auto loan, you will need to make down payment of at least 10 percent of the total price of the car. Making down payment is always beneficial for you because it helps in reducing the loan amount and the interest amount. Also, down payment will project your stable financial situation to the lender and help you in reducing the interest rate.

If you do not have money for making down payment, do not worry. You can trade-in your old car and ask the dealer to deduct its value from the price of the new car.

A - Affordable

Selecting a specific car will be of no use to you if you cannot afford to buy it. Remember that car expenses are not limited to down payment. You will have to pay money for monthly loan payments, fuel charges as well as maintenance 
expenses. A general rule is to allocate no more than 20 percent of your total monthly income for car-related expenses. Keep this rule in mind and choose an auto loan that does not exceed your budget.

R - Reliable

There was a time when car buyers applied for an auto loan with the local bank only. Today, there are several ways of obtaining an auto loan. You can apply with a bank, a credit union, or an online auto financing company.

No matter what option you choose, you must ensure that the lender is a reliable one. If you opt for an online auto financing company, check the website’s security certificate. If the website doesn’t have one, stay away from it and save yourself from a potential identity theft.

T - Time

Car buyers are afraid of rate shopping because they believe that multiple credit inquiries will damage their credit score. But, do not refrain from rate shopping instead, finish it within 30 days. Why?

A time-bound search for an auto loan will ensure that you do not harm your credit score. FICO does not consider inquiries made in the 30 days prior to scoring. So, if you are able to get a loan within 30 days, it won’t affect your score. This span of time can change to 14 days if the lender uses older versions of FICO and can increase to 45 days if the lender uses the newest formula.

Car buying is one of the most expensive purchases that Americans make. If you do not pay attention to your auto loan, you can make the worst financial mistake of your life. So, avoid making a bad decision and follow the S.M.A.R.T. tips.

Rapid Car Loans is the preferred choice of Washingtonian car buyers for obtaining no cosigner auto loans. Get in touch with the company and obtain Washington bad credit auto loans. Apply now to buy a car today.

How to obtain the Best Black Friday Car Deal in 2015?

It is just a couple of days before the greatest sale of 2015 begins. This year, Black Friday is on 27th November. And, it is considered one of the best times of the year to buy a car. Here’s why?

Numbers prove it

Last year, 17.2 million cars were sold during November. The majority of the cars were sold during the long weekend of Thanksgiving. Experts believe that almost same number of people will be shopping for a new car this year as well.

Dealer’s Discount and Manufacturer’s Incentives

As the 2016 car models are available for sale, dealers will offer huge discounts on the 2015 car models. It is because they want to empty their inventory of 2015 car models.  Also, the manufacturers will provide incentives for buying this year’s car models. It means you can get the best of both worlds and enjoy buying a brand new car at reduced prices.

Why prepare for Black Friday Car Shopping?

It has become a tradition for many families to shop for cars during the long weekend of Thanksgiving. It gives them an opportunity to inspect the car at leisure without worrying about their job schedule. Several families will be present at the dealership lot when you go to buy a car. Everyone will be vying for the salesmen’s attention. In order to obtain the best Black Friday car deal, it is important that you go well prepared.

Tips for securing the Best Black Friday Car Deal

1. Create your Car Budget

If you are passionate about cars, your left-brain may influence your decisions. So, it is important to create a car budget by analyzing your current financial situation, credit score and future expenses. It will help you in calculating your expected monthly payments.

Once you have your car budget ready, search for car models within your budget. Make use of internet and read the reviews of the shortlisted car models.

2. Contact the Dealerships prior to your Visit

You won’t be the only one shopping for a car over the Thanksgiving weekend. Every dealership in your area will witness an astounding number of footfalls. In order to ensure a stress-free experience, call the dealerships beforehand.  There is no need of providing detailed information of trade-in or auto financing. Simply ask the dealers to e-mail you the vehicle quotes. It will help you in short-listing dealerships according to the price.

3. Don’t be Emotional

Black Friday car shopping is an emotional process. The salesmen may tempt you with exciting discounts and deals. But, you must stick to your car budget. It will help you in staying on top of monthly payments.

Also, it is essential to stay calm and composed during the negotiation process. Do not forget to check all the fees in detail. You can negotiate the fees charged by the dealer such as “dealer’s fee”, “dealer prep charges” and “marketing fee”.

Holidays make us emotional. But, it is important to have a practical approach to the entire Black Friday car shopping process. It is because only then you will be able to secure the best car deal.

Rapid Car Loans will help you take advantage of Black Friday car sale by providing instant credit approval on car loans. Apply now and get ready to benefit from the year’s biggest sale.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Happy Last Month of 2015!

Hello out there. I figured it was time to check-in and provide an update or two on where I am these days J

I have a new job. Still corporate America, still a cubical, and still 8-5. BUT I like it a lot better than the previous one that I was at for the past 4 years. Although it was a lateral move, salary wise. There are budget saving aspects about it that will make it feel as if I got a pay increase for jumping ship:

-         It is 4 minutes from my house. That shaves off approximately 40 minutes each way every day and saves a ton of gas. Also, no more interstates every single day; thank you, Jesus!
-          They have a parking lot. That is free. No more having to give $65 a month to a crappy downtown parking garage to be able to park while at work. (Side note here, their parking spots are just a few steps away from the door which means no more elevators, escalators, stairs, and having to walk 1/3 of a mile outside just to get to your office. HUGE quality of life improvement!)
-         They do not have any restaurants, grocery stores, and cafes in walking distance like the previous job. So no more breakfast, lunch and snack buying temptations; I eat what I bought to eat from the grocery store that week. Sadly, that means no more Starbucks either, so there’s $25 a month alone.

So, where am I at on my loans? I last updated y’all on my balance in mid-June; it was at $36k then. I am happy to report that now, approximately 5 and a half months later, my loan balance is at $26k. So 10 grand down from my last update J

I am still aiming to be debt-free by late next near. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Brief Guide To Consider Before Applying For The Disability Loans!

There are number of people in US whose medical condition gives them the status of disable. These people are generally physical disable or mentally disable which restrict them to work and earn the smooth living. These people are genially given the disability benefits by the Department of Social Security so they can smooth rum their lives. But at certain situation these people face the monetary trouble and look for the cash help. In such situations, one can rely upon disability loans to get the needed cash help with flexible terms. With these services disable people can simply take the small amount by proving repaying ability with the disability benefits to tackle any personal monetary issue.           

Easily Available In Both The Lending Market
It is notable that disability loans are easily available in both the online and offline lending market which allow you to get the needed cash from anywhere as per your choice. But it is advised to check the lending deals available in both the markets in order to choose the option that is right for your situation in every form. Comparing the loan offers of multiple lenders help you to choose the affordable service with terms that favor your situation. 


It is notable that loan amount and repayment term of these services are decided after considering applicant’s repaying ability. Most of the lenders of these services consider the disability benefits as the regular source of income of borrower and offer the cash help accordingly. Generally, online lenders offer these funds without taking any security so it is wise to look for unsecured deal to enjoy hurdle less lending. The term of these finances is also quite long that allow one to make repayment easily through the affordable installment process.     

Online Process To Get The Cash Help

In order to get the disability loans through online market, you need to find the genuine lender offering the affordable deal and fill their online application. It is advised to provide current, complete and correct details as approval is based on these details only. You can fill the application securely from your place at any point of time.   

It is considerable that disability loans online hold the negligible formalities that one need to meet to get the approval. And once applicant gets the approval, he/she get the deal to read and sign to give acceptance on the loan term. As soon lender receives the commitment from borrower’s side, they transfer the loan amount right in their bank account in shortest time period.

Tips And Warnings

    Do the research work before choosing any offer as it help you to get the deal that suits your condition.
    Never borrow loan more than your repaying ability as it can create major problems if you don’t able to make payment on right time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Auto Title Loan - Your Car is your Treasure-House

Are you in need of cash? Have you exhausted all your options but unable to find a solution to your cash problems? Even financially stable families may get caught in financial crises. Prolonged illness, loss of a job or any other unforeseen event may compel you to look for quick financing options.

If you are trying to obtain a short-term loan to end your financial crises, you may have heard of the following advertisements related to auto title loans:

1. Get Cash for your Car!

2. Get Quick Cash!

3. No Credit Check required!

Auto title loans are prevalent in several American states. It is popular among borrowers because the loan program is easy to obtain. You may have heard about it from your neighbors or friends. If you are interested in obtaining the loan program, you must only join the club after understanding it thoroughly.

What is an Auto Title Loan?

According to Investopedia, it is a short-term loan in which the borrower's car title is used as collateral.

To obtain the loan program, you will have to allow the lender to place a lien on your car title. Also, you will have to surrender the original title to the lender.

What is the Difference between an Auto Title Loan and an Auto Pawn Loan?

An auto title loan allows you to obtain cash and end your financial crises by pledging your car as collateral. The lender will require the title of your car and not take possession of your car. But, if you obtain an auto pawn loan from a lender, you will have to surrender your car along with the title of your car.

What are the Requirements for getting an Auto Title Loan?

If you want to obtain the loan program, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

1. You should be at least 18 years old.

2. You must have the original title of your car.

3. There should be no lien on the car.

4. The car should not be older than 15 years.

What Documents are required for getting an Auto Title Loan?

Following is the list of documents that are required for getting the loan program:

1. Identification Proof

2. Age Proof

3. Income Proof

4. Original Title of your Car indicating No Liens

5. Utility Bills

6. Vehicle Registration and Insurance

What is the Process of getting an Auto Title Loan?

Just like any other loan program, you have to submit an application form to the lender. The lender will consider your financial situation and analyze the worth of your car. Do not worry if you have bad credit history. If your car is valuable and you have a stable income source, the lender will approve your loan application.

Obtaining an auto title loan is simpler than you think! If you have ownership of a car, you can use it to get out of your financial troubles. Truly, your car is your treasure-house. Use it in times of distress.

How to calculate your Ideal Down Payment Amount?

If you make an impulsive decision of applying for an auto loan, you will end up damaging your credit score and your financial stability. Obtaining an auto loan is a process. You will have to research several financial alternatives available to you and devise a plan for making regular payments. Additionally, you will also have to make down payment.

Why make Down Payment?

The reasons for making down payment are as follows:

>> It reduces the total loan amount and lowers your loan burden;

>> It helps in improving your approval chances;

>> It manifests a stable financial situation to the lender; and

>> It helps bad credit borrowers in getting an auto loan.

What is the Ideal Down Payment Amount?

The more, the better!

When it comes to buying a car, it is better to make as much down payment as possible. But, it is not possible for everyone to make down payment of a substantial amount. So, here are a few factors that will help you decide the ideal amount for making down payment:

The Condition of your Credit

A credit report manifests your financial situation and credit worthiness to the lender. So, check your credit report in order to understand how your financial condition will be perceived by the lender. If your credit report includes missed payments, bankruptcy or repossession, you will be offered a higher interest rate. In such a situation, you may want to make down payment of a large amount to reduce the loan amount.

Your Income

A substantial income and a stable job are indicators of regular monthly payments. If a lender is not worried about receiving regular payments, he/she will not make down payment compulsory for you.

On the other hand, if you have just switched your job or you do not have a regular source of income, lender may demand a higher down payment amount from you.

Your Choice - New Car or Used Car?

The depreciation rate of a new car is very high. If you make down payment of an insignificant amount, you will face the situation of an upside down car loan. So, it is better to pay at least twenty percent of the total car price as down payment. If you are inclined to buy a used car, ten percent of the car's price is considered ideal for down payment.

A Trade-In

If your current car has positive equity, you can use it for a trade in. The dealer will deduct the value of your current car from the price of new car. It will help you in lowering the total price of the new car as well as the down payment amount.

Once you consider all the above-mentioned factors, you will be able to calculate an ideal down payment amount for buying a new car.

Although important, down payment is not compulsory for getting an auto loan. Rapid Car Loans will provide you with no down payment auto financing program and help you avoid the need of putting money down. Apply now for no obligation bad credit instant car loan quotes.

Can I obtain a Car Loan if I am New to America?

Born abroad but now living in America? One thing is common for all immigrants: you cannot remain unaffected by the car culture of America. The car is the dominant mode of transportation in America. You need it to go places.  And, car loan is the only mode for obtaining an automobile.

Why is a Car Loan compulsory for buying a Car in America?

It is not compulsory for making a car purchase in the country. But, it has become a norm because of the following reasons:

>> High Cost of Automobiles

>> Lower Buying Capacity of Car Buyers

>> Easy Loan Approval by Lenders

>> Easy Way of Building Credit

Buying a car with the help of a car loan is very common in the country. People opt for a car loan even when they have the required amount of money because they do not want to part with their savings. Also, it helps them in building a credit score that is required to make a big purchase such as a home.

How to obtain a Car Loan when you are New to the Country?

If you are a new immigrant and want to obtain a car loan, you will have to provide valid proof of your identity. Lenders require your SSN (Social Security Number)  for the purpose of identity verification.  The SSN is issued to the following people:

>> Natural Born U.S. Citizens

>> Naturalized U.S. Citizens

>> Legal Permanent Residents

>> Temporary (Working) Residents  under section 205(c)(2) of the Social Security Act

If you have a valid SSN, obtaining a loan will become effortless for you. Simply provide your SSN details along with the following information for obtaining loan approval:

>> Employment Information

>> Income Details

>> Residential Information

>> Information related to other Debts and Utility Bills

How to obtain a Car Loan without a Valid SSN?

If you are a new immigrant and have not received a valid SSN from the Social Security Administration, do not worry. You can obtain a car loan.  Choose a lender who doesn’t demand SSN, instead accepts any of the following documents for the purpose of identity verification:

>> TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) issued by Internal Revenue Service

>> Foreign Driver’s License

>> Foreign-Issued Passport

>> U.S. Government-Issued ID

Search for a lender who doesn’t require SSN and apply with him/her. You can make use of the internet and make your loan search comfortable.

While searching online, make sure that you choose a reliable and reputed car loan website. It will save you from identity frauds.

Now that you know everything about obtaining a car loan in America, you should not be apprehensive. Remember that America is the Land of Dreams! If your dream is to buy a car, no one can stop you from becoming a proud owner of a car.

How to Compare Grocery Cost for Budget Shopping?

At this point of changing economy, when everything is on the price rise, your grocery bill could eat up at least 30% of your monthly income. Yes, you heard it right. People always tend to thin how they could manage to control grocery expenditures within limit along with prospect of saving some cash for the future. A high cost of living can be a factor that you are spending more on groceries with less chance of saving a little bit.

You are paying heavy price for the groceries these days for which you blame high price of oil, milk, disappointing crop yield, global warming or poor supply of goods. However, these are the issues of price rise that happen on regular basis. You main aim going for budget shopping only deals with the idea of comparing grocery cost first to within the limit and save more for the future.

Comparing prices of all goods you include in grocery list can do lot good for making budget shopping. There are many people unaware about various ways and tips that help them to go for budget shopping. Here, you will come across some suggestions of how to compare grocery cost for budget shopping:.

Plan Ahead
The basic foundation to go for budget shopping for groceries is to make a proper plan for what sort of good to buy for. First of all, look at the inventory or stock lying in refrigerators, kitchen shelves and cabinets to list out the items which are already there and which you need to buy. Prepare a list of the groceries and their quantity by making comparison of their consumption as per members present in the family.

Compare the Source of Grocery Shopping

One of the ideal ways, to go for budget shopping is to make a list of grocery stores and outlets that have fresh stock selling at best price. One can have a close look at their brochures, leaflets or pamphlets lying inside a magazine or newspaper to find out which store is selling grocery products at affordable price. This helps your comparison approach to select the best outlet to get groceries at cheaper price as compared to other stores.

Shop Online More

In terms of comparing grocery cost, shopping online gives you desired deals at best price rather than shopping personally at grocery store. The idea of buying through internet tends to save much of your transportation cost which you can easily compare with several trips made to nearby or far away store. This will help you in best way to shop within budget without even stepping outside house and buy grocery items at one safe place of your home.

Collect Coupon or Go for Discount Grocery Store

One can collect shopping coupons come inside newspaper or can redeem it from any online sites to make grocery purchases at heavy discounted price. You can easily compare the price of actual good on sale in the stores and the price you pay after redeeming coupons which is comparatively less. Another thing you can go is to head toward discounted grocery stores that will of course save at least 10% from your grocery budget.

Make Healthy Choices

Going for budget grocery shopping can be achieved by changing your eating habits. Many researchers have found that, people who are on weight loss diets tend to spend limited on groceries but eat healthy as compared to the one buying fatty acid products at high price. For example, shop more for frozen food, prepackaged, cook in bulk, plan some in garden, etc, to save more.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Be a Unicorn

Being normal is easy. Too easy. It is a path that is very alluring in every way. Want this? Well, buy it, finance it, or put it on a credit card and it’s yours. It will never stop; you will always want more. You will want what he has or what she has or what they have. It is a nightmare that will be on replay your entire life. I don’t’ want to live like that. However, a lot of my peers do and they don’t even realize it. I am not in any way perfect with my budget, and believe me, I have expensive wants, but I do feel that I have a sense of control over it. What first made me realize this was reading Dave’s slogan, “Debt is normal. Be weird.” It is SO TRUE. Everywhere you look, people are in debt. And the problem with that? They don’t see a problem!! Because? It’s normal!! Face palm. If that’s the norm, normal sucks.

Sure, there are people who have been and always will be financially responsible. I have a large amount of student loan debt to pay off. Some don’t. But working through my pay-off plan, I have stumbled across many other things I would have never stopped to take the time to research: 401k, stock options, Roth IRA, etc. I hope to be debt free and in retirement saving mode by the time I am 29, almost 30. Talk about a goal I never thought I’d never thought I’d have at 29! Are there people out there my age who are debt-free and already have a significant amount in the bank and in their retirement? You bet. But I’m also willing to bet it is not a huge percentage of folks. I want to join that small percent. I want to pass up the beautiful Michael Kors purse and matching wallet so that I can put that money towards financial freedom. And knowing that my TJ Maxx purse is a symbol of that, makes me feel not so ashamed toting it around town.

Debt snowballing is not really normal. There are people who know nothing about it and there are people who wholeheartedly disagree with it. But that’s okay. I know I am going against the grain here, and when I stop to think about where my motivation comes from to keep this going, it is precisely that; I’m not normal. I am doing something very few people are doing and I think that is cool. I am standing out in a crowd. I am a unicorn. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Go Through The Useful Guide To Know The Easy Steps That Help You Get Loans For People On DSS Benefits!

Does your mental or physical condition not allowing you to earn enough to live a smooth financial life? If you are not in a good enough position to deal with your financial uncertainties and living on DSS (Department Of Social Security) benefits due to some disabilities, you can simply apply with Loans For People On DSS Benefits.

This is one of the lucrative monetary choice for the disabled people who are facing their worst financial situation and need quick cash to overcome it soon. When you are not capable enough to make your ends meet within the limited benefits provides by the government.

This loan assistance would prove as worthwhile. Here is the guide that explains the useful step to help you choose the wise financial option.

Easy And Useful Steps To Choose The Sensible Financial Option Of Loans For People On DSS Benefits:

    It is to be noted down that the approval of these finances are highly dependable on the financial stability and creditability of the loan seeker. So, it is important for the applicant to check their pocket as well as make efforts to improve their credit scores to end up choosing the affordable financial service.

    Once you understand your current financial situation, go online and start your research to pick up the most suitable lending option of all. Comparing the different lending options carefully and verifying their legitimacy will let you get the most affordable and trustworthy financial option of all.

    After selecting the lender, quickly visit their website and fill up a single application form with the requisite details. Lender quickly checks the details and sends the preapproval to the potential candidates.

    A loan agreement will send to the borrowers to e-sign it. It is essential for them to check the terms carefully to make sure that it suits well and would not create any issue at the end. So, e-sign it only if you are fully satisfied.

    As soon as the lender receives the e-sign agreement, he will start the process of transferring the loan money in the bank account of the borrowers to let them have an immediate access.

Following the above lending steps will help the disabled people to pick up the most appropriate financial deal of Loans For People On DSS Benefits.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Help Me I’m Poor (How I stay social in a world of Helens)

It is frowned down upon to take trips, go out on the town, and go out to eat while in debt; and for good reason. However, being a single female in my 20s, this area around being social is something I am not willing to completely put the brakes on. This is how I reasonably stay social with many different groups of friends while still paying off chunks of debt each month.

You all know how to save money and watch your spending; if you are anything like me, you’ve scrolled through news feed article after news feed article on how to save x dollars when doing x activity. The knowledge is there. But most of the time, the behavior is not. We all (or at least I) view the penny pinching method as a cheap play penny-pinchers use to save a dime; and for some reason, that theory has a negative connotation tied to it. BUT IT IS INDEED EFFECTIVE. Penny pinching doesn’t have to be viewed as sitting in a cardboard box, reading free magazines that you find next to newspaper stands because you don’t have cable and no longer own a cell phone. There is a happy medium that you should strive to find. To quote some Dave here, “Winning at money is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge.”

Social Parties (Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower, etc.):
-         Cards: Buy a pack of cute, blank cards at your local craft store. Most come in packs of 12 for $1. That is 12 different occasions you can have a cute card and write what you want in it for less than 10 cents a card versus spending $4 on a store bought one every single time. I have already plowed through 2 packs of these this year saving myself almost $100.
-          Packaging/Wrapping: Again, craft stores and/or the dollar tree. Buy ribbon/twine/wrapping/tissue paper by the bulk and save yourself money and time. There is no reason to spend $3 on a paper bag, $2 on tissue paper and another $3 on a ribbon to watch it be thrown away once opened – every. single. time. That adds $8 to the gift you already spent money on! You can find really cute things at Hobby Lobby or Michaels (and both have coupons online); if you aren’t crafty, just take a gander at Pinterest if you need some basic ideas.
-          Pot Lucks: You don’t need to bring your cream of the crop buffalo chicken dip that costs $20-$25 to make each time, or the chicken and dumplings that also cost $20 as well as 4 hours of your time. And you don’t need to be the one who brings the huge meat platter which costs more than I care to know (keep in mind here I am a single female, and the Helen’s of the world are all married J- two incomes versus my one). Look online or to Pinterest for cheap (but delicious) recipes. Don’t show up somewhere empty handed or with a pan of brownies sporting a huge, bright orange 2.99 sticker on top of it when your other friends/co-workers spent time and money on their contribution. You can make a dish that tastes great, and looks presentable without breaking the bank.     

Dining out:
-          Food: Order an appetizer as a meal. If you are purchasing a meal, do not also order an appetizer. Try and split with a friend if possible.
-          Drinks: Skip the soft drinks and opt for water. Do not buy the $12 cocktail. Do not buy the $11 cocktail. Ask for specials. No specials, but by God you want a drink? Order a cheap beer. Don’t like beer? Ask for a well liquor or wine. Again, do not buy the $12 cocktail.
-          The Check: Believe me on this one, I have been a part-time server for 8 years. When out with others, say yes to individually split checks. There will ALWAYS be that one person in your group every now and again who will say “put it all on one check and we can all split it”. NO. Is it easier on the server? Yep. Is it easier on your budget? Nope. What happens every time is, the person who ordered an appetizer and a water pays the same amount as the girl who ordered the entrée and $12 cocktail. You don’t want to make a scene and ask that you contribute $8 less than everyone else do you? Yeah, she didn’t think so.
*Always remember to tip your server at least 20%, there is no tip or trick to this one.

Grocery Shopping:
-          Coupons: you don’t need to look like you are auditioning for extreme couponing, but if there is a coupon that arrives with the junk mail in your mailbox for $1 off of the sunscreen you know you’ll need for your beach trip coming up, cut that puppy out and use it! No shame.
-          Location: Yes, Publix looks pretty and the people are oh so sweet, but 7 times out of 10, they are way more expensive than Wal-Mark or Kroger. Take a journey on down the street and save you some money, you won’t be plastered on by just walking in the door, I promise.
-         Plan Ahead: If you have a road trip coming up, buy your snacks, drinks, and alcohol beforehand so that you do not pay the mark-up at gas stations or tourist traps.

-          Where: Obviously you will not be the only one who determines where your group goes, but you do have a say and can try to sway your group to agree with you. Just like in Bridesmaids, there will be the friend who suggests Vegas every time; try to not. If you want to gamble, suggest a closer gambling place – such as Tunica or Biloxi or wherever is close to you.
-          Who: As many people as you can fit. I am very fortunate to have friends who, for the most part, have the same mentality as myself when it comes to trips. We travel to places we can drive to and stay in places where one person may be on the couch and the single ladies roll 2 or 3 deep in one room (bed count/size depending) so that it can be cost-efficient.
-          What to do: Just about anything but shop. Hanging out at the beach is a free activity. Hiking in the mountains is a free activity. We spend a lot of our time in the beach house or mountain cabin that we paid for so when we do get out and about in the town it is usually for only a day.

Other Social Tips:
-          Feel like seeing a movie? Try and host a RedBox night instead.
-          All of your friends have manicures and pedicures? Paint your nails yourself.
-          Want a clean car? Wash it yourself, don’t take it to get detailed.
-          Want to read the same books everyone is reading? Get a free library card.
-          Want new clothes? You don’t have to shop at Nordstrom or Saks, check out a department store or TJ Maxx.

Once you get used to being aware of your spending, you will be less and less tempted to buy the $15 candle because it smells nice, the $45 shirt that you just have to have, the $30 hat because it is on sale, the $27 bracelet because you can’t have too many, the $150 purse because everyone else has it, and the $100 work out pants because you just can’t work-out in anything else. At first I felt a tad out of my comfort zone; I felt cheap and judged (mainly by my own self). But now that I have spent a lot of time in this spending behavior, it has very much so become the norm, and my old spending behavior feels out of my comfort zone. It is not something I am super focused on, it is not something I talk about all of the time, it does not hold me back, nor does it brand me; I am simply aware and in control. I promise you, it gets easier and easier to walk on by the things you do not need and did not plan to purchase.

The majority of these examples have to do with little things, but for me, the little things can really add up. Notice the title of this blog is not “How to stay social” it is “How I stay social.” Big difference. What I do may not work for you in the slightest, or maybe it does, but either way, it does indeed start and end with your behavior. There is a reason these “how-to” articles work for some and fail miserably for others; it all comes down to what you can realistically stick to. If you know without a doubt you absolutely positootly cannot live without Starbucks, no matter the price, then for heaven’s sake, don’t read an article about saving $800 a year by cutting out Starbucks. OF COURSE you are going to fail. Aim realistically. And by the way, please don’t be spending $800 a year at Starbucks – that really is a problem J

Friday, July 24, 2015

Cash support to meet the temporary financial woes right away!

Are you unable to earn enough money due to certain mental or physical disability? Do you need quick finances to get rid of your temporary monetary woes? Here you can simply check out loans for people on benefits to avail the easy financial support without any disturbance.

If you are finding tough to grab the loan due to your disability or jobless status, applying with this loan suits best to your needs and demand. These finances are made available for the people who are living on disability or unemployment benefits.

Therefore, whenever you turned down due to your disability, you can simply rely upon applying with loans for people on benefits. This is the best financial approach that aims to offer the immediate financial support to fulfill your emergencies on timely basis.

The applicant can simply avail the benefits of this monetary aid by submitting the proof of their good repayment ability. These finances can be availed against the benefits provided by DSS (department of social security).

No stress of arranging any collateral is involved as it is s short tenure financial help that offer the small money that can be utilized for the time duration of a month. Also, it does not matter if you are having a poor credit profile.

You can still enjoy the easy approval of loans as here lenders do not follow any credit checking process at all. So, even if you are tagged with some strained credit factors like defaults, skipped payments, arrears etc., your application will still be acceptable by the lenders.

In order to apply with Same Day Loans For Disabled with all the ease and comfort, choosing an online mode is preferable. This is because online method let the loan seekers to choose the best financial option according to their budget and needs.

Exploring the online market is quite effective to pick up the most reasonable and reliable financial choice. Few clicks will allow you to grab the asked money directly in your bank account to have a quick access. Online method is preferable among the loan seekers due to the easy accessibility of loan with fast approval.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Strategies to avoid Car Repossession

Is Car Repossession a Reality for you?

Do your car loan payments keep you awake at night? Are you threatened by repossession of your car? If you are finding it difficult to manage your payments, you are not alone. There are thousands of Americans who are suffering from the same problem.

Why should you avoid Car Repossession?

You may think that there is no other option than to let the lender take away your car. But, it is important that you leave no stone unturned in avoiding car repossession because of the following reasons:

>> You will not have a car to drive after car repossession
>> It stays on your credit report for seven years
>> People with car repossession do not get car loans easily
>> You will have to pay the balance due on your loan after car repossession
>> Lenders may sue you for the costs associated with repossession of a vehicle.

What Strategies should be followed to avoid Car Repossession?

Car repossession is bad because it has catastrophic complications. So, it is essential that you avoid it with the help of the following strategies:

Make a Few Payments

No lender will repossess your car even when there is a chance of getting back a part of his investment. So, it is important that you make a few payments. It will help you in avoiding car repossession.

Do not worry if unemployment and lack of job opportunities have caused a terrible cash crunch. You can raise money by selling a few of your belongings such as jewellery, extra furniture and other appliances.

Apply for Deferment

Lenders want to do business and earn money. They lose money when they repossess a car because of the following reasons:

a. They have to undertake unnecessary paperwork
b. They have to bear the repossession costs
c. They are unable to generate enough money by selling the car at an auction
d. They still have to recover the balance due on the loan from you.
So, whenever you face the possibility of car repossession, work with your lender. There are chances that he may provide you a deferment of a month or two. The time period is enough to find a new job.

Opt for Loan Restructure

If you can manage a smaller monthly payment, you can ask the lender to restructure your loan. He will extend the loan term and reduce your monthly payment amount. You should not worry about the high amount of interest that you will pay after loan restructure because you can refinance the loan in future.

Sell the Car

If your family has more than one car, you sell your car and share the other car/s with your family members. It will help you avoid the bad credit ratings that accompany repossession.

Remember that selling your car is an option only when your car has equity in it. If you owe more to the lender than the car's current value, you won't be able to repay the lender.

Ask for Help

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

If you cannot sell your car or make smaller payments, ask a friend or a family member to help you make payments. If someone agrees to assume the responsibility, you can transfer the title to his name.

Being in a financial crunch can be distressing, but do not lose hope. By employing the strategies mentioned in this guide, you can work your way out of this terrible situation.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

How much Down Payment is Ideal for Getting a Car Loan?

If you make an impulsive decision of applying for an auto loan, you will end up damaging your credit score and your financial stability. Obtaining an auto loan is a process. You will have to research several financial alternatives available to you and devise a plan for making regular payments. Additionally, you will also have to make down payment.

Down Payment Calculation for Getting a Car Loan

Why make Down Payment?

The reasons for making down payment are as follows:
>> It reduces the total loan amount and lowers your loan burden;
>> It helps in improving your approval chances;
>> It manifests a stable financial situation to the lender; and
>> It helps bad credit borrowers in getting an auto loan.

What is the Ideal Down Payment Amount?

The more, the better!

When it comes to buying a car, it is better to make as much down payment as possible. But, it is not possible for everyone to make down payment of a substantial amount. So, here are a few factors that will help you decide the ideal amount for making down payment:

The Condition of your Credit

A credit report manifests your financial situation and credit worthiness to the lender. So, check your credit report in order to understand how your financial condition will be perceived by the lender. If your credit report includes missed payments, bankruptcy or repossession, you will be offered a higher interest rate. In such a situation, you may want to make down payment of a large amount to reduce the loan amount.

Your Income

A substantial income and a stable job are indicators of regular monthly payments. If a lender is not worried about receiving regular payments, he/she will not make down payment compulsory for you.

On the other hand, if you have just switched your job or you do not have a regular source of income, lender may demand a higher down payment amount from you.

Your Choice - New Car or Used Car?

The depreciation rate of a new car is very high. If you make down payment of an insignificant amount, you will face the situation of an upside down car loan. So, it is better to pay at least twenty percent of the total car price as down payment. If you are inclined to buy a used car, ten percent of the car's price is considered ideal for down payment.

A Trade-In

If your current car has positive equity, you can use it for a trade in. The dealer will deduct the value of your current car from the price of new car. It will help you in lowering the total price of the new car as well as the down payment amount.

Once you consider all the above-mentioned factors, you will be able to calculate an ideal down payment amount for buying a new car.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Another Grand Bites the Dust

I put down $1,000 today towards my student loans and it got me thinking that I haven’t updated you fine folks on the numbers in a couple of months. Here is where I am at:

As I stated back in March, I was able to get a consolidation (praise!) and my new outstanding loan total that I financed was 43K. As of today, my total balance is around 36K. I have paid off approximately 7K since the beginning of April.

For those of you following me since my first “holy smokes I am in some deep water and am about to drown” realization back in 2010 (73k in the hole), then to my “okay, I am pissed about this debt and I am about to tackle it” phase in 2013 (79K in the hole):

(About 43K being principal, the other 11K being ridiculous interest)

I say this not to brag. I say this to motivate you. I say this to say that If I can, you can. Get mad. Get motivated. Get started!
You don’t have to have a consolidation to win with this. You can tackle this on your own without a consolidation; yes, it may cost you a bit more if your interest is high like mine was, but if that is the case, keep trying to consolidate in the background, but move! move! move! at all times on extra payments. Paying down that smallest debt first needs to be your priority.

All that motivation aside, allow me to get real with you for a moment. There is great joy found in paying down a debt you owe, but there are also the ever present Smith’s, and their besties, the Jones’ – aka, the modern day wants:

My current pain point: I want a new car like bad.

I still have a positive outlook overall on my debt management, especially in comparison to where I was a couple of years ago; however, here lately, it has been really hard to keep driving my Honda. And when I say 'I want a new car like bad', I do indeed mean somewhat used. I have had the same Honda since I was 16, so after driving it for 12 years, I am REAL ready for something different. It has relatively low miles (150K) so I know this thing will last me another year or two, but I just want to trade her in like pronto.

On the contrary, I read a chapter out of 'Total Money Makeover' the other night and there was a line in there that struck a chord. It said something to the effect of how Dave passionately believes that he and his wife were able to win with money due to their willingness to drive old beater cars in the beginning of their makeover. I know this is true because I am projecting to be completely debt free in about 18 or 19 months; again, completely debt free!! However, if I cave and get a new car now, I will most definitely be looking at 30+ months before I would be debt free. That’s 10 or more months of having to stay in the same job that I am not super fond of, that’s 10 more months of ‘edge living’ by delaying the start of a fully funded emergency fund, and the list goes on.

Help reassure this wordy birdy that I can indeed put on my mature pants and WAIT a while before I go purchasing something I know I cannot afford yet. I need not to finance another thing, even if the payments would be completely doable and relatively low. Amen? Amen! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How to Handle Past Financial Mistakes for Better Future

Nobody is perfect in life as everyone tend to make good or bad decisions. People do good deeds as well as bad deeds in their life as per the situation. We often made some mistakes in their personal life related to personal relations and finance. Somehow you can easily manage to cope up with other mistakes but financial wrong doings are quite difficult to fix up. We all made fiscal mistakes that have profound effect on the future and to realize them and to correct them should be your important goal.

At some point you spend beyond your income, save less that leads to your biggest financial mistake that has to be fixed at once. Proper planning, self-discipline and a perfect execution are the best keys to correct the fiscal mistakes for the better of the future.

Proper education about the financial mistakes you commit is necessary matter to take further steps in correcting them that ultimately shape up the future. What you can do is, to realize the mistakes and take steps to fix them up.

Here are some of the common monetary mistakes that most people do in the past that can be analyzed, corrected for the betterment of the future: 

No Emergency Funds for the Future

Earlier people had the habit to make use of monthly income to the fullest with not saving even a single dime for emergency circumstances that can crop in the future. As per the past 2013 report, about 75% of Americans did not have enough cash reserved for the future. The main reason was of thinking having low source of income or paying all the debts at one go.

Fixing up this issue is quite important that demands you to save at least 20% of your income by minimizing the expenditures after creating a balanced budget.

Getting into High Interest Debt

Most people made the decision to go for any loan that can be like Disability LoansSame Day Loans For Disabled - Loans For People On DSS Benefits, title loan or any other just throw the money down into drain. This makes their future goes into jeopardy with not having any savings as major part of the income goes into debt settlement.

Getting relief from this fiscal hardship is possible if you work on the issues that lead to financial borrowing from externals source of finance.

Worst Career Mistakes

Many people think feel bored or disgusted about the current employment with least chances of growth and no scope for getting a raise. This seems to have a direct connection with your wrong career choice in the past as a result for which your financial future is cloudy.

Instead of thinking of doing mistake in the past, it is better to do the right thing by improving work at present to acquire favorable financial gains.

Start Implementing the Saving Plan

Thinking about financial mistakes of not saving enough money, to control overspending and not actually executing these plans into action is itself a financial mistake. So, you better to act from now onwards to minimum the budget, control the expenses and save more.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Here Are Some Great News for People Who Are Disabled

It is a bitter truth but people who suffer with any kind of disability are usually barred to take any financial help from the lenders. Because they do not have access to a regular income, so their requirements become a high risk for the lenders.

After much of thought and realization the lenders have now come out with a special loan that caters to such unique needs of the disabled people.

Loans for people on disability benefits are one such offering that specifically meets the financial demands of the disabled. By applying these loans, they get instant cash support without any hassle.

The lenders offer them the privilege of accessing a small loan for their needs. When you apply these loans you can free your worries about any pledging. These loans are free of any such obligatory clauses.

The lenders only require proof of the governmental disability benefits that you receive on a monthly basis. Based on that, the lenders approve your loan.

Loans for people on disability benefits bring a good amount of relief for all those individuals who worry about their crippled financials like negative credit ratings or suffer with defaults, insolvency or bankruptcy.

Since the lenders do not perform any kind of verification, so you get assured of qualifying these loans and also save a lot of time.

So how and where you can find these small cash aid? Most of the borrowers worry about their frequent visits to the lenders site or aimlessly waiting for the results.

The lenders offer you the benefit of accessing these finances 24/7 so that you can secure yourself of your financial needs right on time as and when they arise. If you worry about paying those high charges like application or processing fee you can set yourself at ease.

You can easily request for quotes from multiple lenders and judge the best one that offers you competitive benefits. Once you decide upon a lender you can fill an online application form available on their site. As soon as your loan gets approved, you may choose to receive your loan amount as a direct deposit into your bank account.