Friday, March 18, 2016

Loans For People On Benefits – Helpful Financial Assistance For People Living On DSS Benefits!

Do you need the cash advance because some unexpected need knocks at your door? Are you living on benefits provided by DSS which create problem in availing the cash help?

If this is your problem, then keep your worries aside as loans for people on benefits is easily available in the money market to provide needed help to people like you. It is the well known short term deal that helps people on benefits to get the small amount in urgent need against the coming financial benefits. Lenders of these deals consider these benefits as the regular income source of borrowed and offer the deal accordingly.      

Brief Explanation

These are specialized monetary deals design to help people living on DSS Benefits in their desperate times. With these services, one can simply take away the few hundred bucks for the few week time to meet any urgent and private financial need. The amount and term is decided as per the financial stability of the applicant so that he/she enjoy the hurdle less lending. In most of the cases, the tenure of these services end on the coming benefit day of the borrower which make it easy for one to make lump sum repayment.       

Advantages That Make It Popular

There is number of beneficial features attached with the loans for people on benefits that make it popular financial choice among loan seekers. 

1.    People living on DSS benefits can avail these services to meet any need without facing any interference from lender’s side. One can simply avail these deals as per his/her need and ability to make lump sum payment in short time.

2.    These are small monetary aid that is offered by lenders without putting one in number of traditional formalities.

  The nature of these deals is unsecured that allow one to get cash without pledging collateral. Both homeowners and tenants can simply take these funds at the time of need.        

4.    The duration of these funds is quite flexible which allow one to adjust payment with coming benefit date and enjoy the hurdle less lending.

5.    With the help of online mode, one can simply apply for these services from the comfort of their home. By filling a simple application, one can easily get the loans for people on benefits in the shortest time to meet the personal need.        

1.    Taking the loan help is a big decision so it is must that you choose the option after conducting careful research. It helps to avail the service that is right for your need as well as pocket.

2.    The interest rate of these deals is slightly high because it is offered without taking security. So, compare the multiple offers to pick the service that is pocket friendly and right for your situation.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

9 Months Away From Debt Freedom!

I borrowed 68k in August of 2007, started repayment in December of 2009, and will make my final payment in December of 2016. How much will I have paid in those approximate 7 years you ask? $113k. Yep. That’s 45k more than I borrowed. The scary part is, so many graduates are in the same boat I am, but they do not do the math to figure out the numbers of how upside down they are. They simply pay their minimums each month for years on end without actually seeing just how much they are paying the lender. I know 45k is bad, but trust me, there are friends in my circle alone who are already at that total with 15+ years to go. 

I am at peace with my numbers. I will never do something like that EVER again, but I am finally at peace with it. If you have followed me from the start of this blog in 2010, you know that peace was not something I had; I had hate, envy, bitterness, and deep regret.

I am okay with the fact that I attended Belmont University. I do not have any hate towards them or myself any longer for the debt that I got into. I have forgiven myself for the mistake I made. I am done overthinking the past because there is nothing I can do about it. There is no time machine, just the breath that God has chosen to give you each morning, and for that you must be thankful and move forward with your life.  

I am truly grateful that I found out about Dave Ramsey when I did in 2013. I honestly can’t remember how I stumbled upon his teachings, but I for sure know I will be forever thankful that I did. 

This is not me signing off, but merely keeping you all updated. I hope you are all doing well on your paths, and as always, feel free to email me if you need any advice or want to know more about my debt payoff process. I am 100% happy to help.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Benefits Offered Under Loans For Disabled!

Nobody is perfect and people tend to face good and bad phases at certain point of time in life. Disability is the bitter truth that makes an individual feel unfortunate due to not having sufficient finances to meet their cash urgency.

If you are disabled and getting benefits from DSS (Department Of Social Security) is not enough to get rid of your tough monetary phase, here are Loans For Disabled for you. Thus, during your tough fiscal time, applying with this loan is one of the best key for the disabled to help them correct their financial mistakes for the better and smooth future. 

In order to reshape your financial future, taking a step of relying on this financial service will definitely fix your financial problems. Therefore, if you work on borrowing an external financial assistance, it would be helpful to cater the unique needs of disabled people.

•    Arrange The Easy Cash To Get Rid Of Emergencies:

Loans For Disabled is an incredible financial alternative for the disabled borrowers that brings good amount of funds to help them fulfill their fiscal needs without any hassle. This is a small and unsecured form of loan which is intended to offer quick money on the basis of their DSS benefits and present financial affordability. To access the cash in an easy and fast manner, this is the right financial aid to rely upon.

•    Online Route Provides The Affordable Financial Offers:

Collecting the multiple online loan quotes and comparing them well will help you get the best one of all. Multiple lenders offer the funds with competitive benefits. So, carefully select the lender that best fits into your need and pocket. Also, online lending option is quite advantageous for the desperate borrowers as you can avail the funds direct in your bank account within the hours of getting the loan approved. So, making few clicks from the comfort of your doorway will let you get the best financial offer.

•    No Issues Due To Crippled Credit Standings:

This is an awesome financial service that also suits to the needs of bad creditors. This is because, lenders offer this monetary option to all whether having good, bad or people having no credit at all. So, even if you are worried about your crippled credit ratings like negative records or are suffering with several defaults, arrears, bankruptcy, foreclosures etc. , you can still avail the easy cash assistance of Same Day Loans For Disabled

Target (The Store)

I usually refrain from shopping at this store due to the overwhelming temptation to buy everything. From the enticing smell and trendiness of Starbucks greeting you upon arrival, to every single (this is so me!) item screaming your name, it is, at the end of the day, a place I cannot afford to love. I am often price comparing groceries, and Target has never really won any store comparisons, but lately I have heard they are a little lower on a couple of items. There is a store on the way home from my normal shopping places, so I stopped in to get 4 grocery items they offered a low price on.

When checking out, my total on the screen was $8.22. The cashier said aloud, $82.20 then quickly corrected himself and apologized by saying, “Sorry, I am used to seeing large totals all day.” I chuckled and told him I completely understood. Then as I was walking out, I felt sad for a moment, and the Starbucks that so enticingly greeted me upon arrival was now mocking me upon my departure. I felt poor. Poor for only buying $8.22 worth of items in this super-store; then poor again because who wouldn’t love a delicious $5 latte, but I simply didn’t have room for that impulse buy in my budget.

Then, as it always does, pride came around and got in my passenger seat as I was pulling out of the store. I could have purchased hundreds of dollars’ worth of merchandise. I could have purchased that $5 latte. I chose not to. I chose not to because what I truly want is to be debt-free, and to keep the momentum of throwing a couple grand a month at my student loans; not to have that perfect tote bag, or to have that wonderful smelling candle on my dresser. I can have those things later down the road, but for right now, I have a way bigger goal in mind, and I would be foolish to place a bag and a candle as a roadblock in my own path. By the time I got home, I felt overjoyed about my $8.22 purchase, and more motivated than ever to keep going.

I am not saying I always walk away from tote bags and Starbucks, but for the majority I do, and in this instance, I did. And I can tell you, it feels better in the long run to walk away. For those of my peers still in debt and prowling the isles of Target, may the odds be ever in your favor. My hope for you is that you find an accountability friend. A friend you should alert when entering Target so that he/she can give you a fake emergency call about 30 minutes into your trip that ultimately saves you from the super-store’s predatory ways; just as you would want on a horrible first date. That right there sounds like my kind of friendship. Stay the path, friends!