Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Importance Of Timely Repayment Of Loans For People On Disability!

disability loansDisabled people are considered as outsiders in the society because they are unable to contribute much in the development. However, people who discriminate to these people forgot that disability can happen to anyone at any point of time. That is why; DSS provides them financial assistance so they can also run their lives in the smooth manner. But it is very unfortunate that in the worst financial situation of these disabled people no one likes to come forward to offer them needed help. In this present scenario, this situation has started changing a bit as online lenders have started offering loans for people on disability. They allow disabled individuals to perform the activities that make them the part of the society.

These financial services come in different forms so that loan seeker can pick the option that suits his/her situation in the perfect way. With the help of little online research one can simply find the suitable option to meet borrower’s multiple demands such as paying fees, home renovation, buying an important household item and so on. The repayment term and installment amount is totally depends on the borrowers amount and lender’s fees.

The loan repayment duration of loans for people on disability is flexible in nature so that the borrower can bring the monthly payment within their budget. 

Experts always suggest you to select the option that fits in your budget because inability to make payment can create severe problems. It is very important for disable people to make timely payment as it help them to avoid the future problems. Importance of making timely payment can only be judged through knowing the consequences of missed/late payments.

Here the consequences of non payments that help you to know why it is necessary to pay back the loans for people on disability on defined time.

• Heavy Penalties:

One of the main problems related with missed payment is the heavy penalties that bring the unnecessary charges that are not easy to pay especially for the disabled person. Financial institutes charge the particular amount on every delayed payment that increases the overall cost of borrowing. Making payment with low financial benefit is difficult in itself and if it comes with heavy penalties than that will surely ruin the financial future of the individual. So, you must keep in mind that you have to make payment on time to avoid these hefty penalties.

• Legal Proceedings:

In case, the borrower won’t make the payment at all despite of getting warnings from the lender then it will lead them towards the legal proceedings that surely bring multiple other problems. Do keep in mind that the lender has the full right to take the borrower to court if they don’t give back their money. The judgment of the court can bring other difficulties in your life such as tight financial situation, etc. So, try your best to make payment on time.

• Negative Effect On Credit Report:

Importance of on-time payment can be understood through the fact that it can ruin your credit rating for the very long time period. Missed and late payment lowers down the rating and put black marks which will not go easy from the report of disable. These marks restrict you from taking any help from future as you will be considered as a risky borrower. On the other hand, if you make the timely payment your score reach high rating that will be very beneficial in case you need financial help in the future. It helps you to get money at low rate that helps in enjoy lending time.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Rapid Car Loans – Simple Application, Quicker Approval and Affordable Rates

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The company has been supporting car dreams of Americans since 2008. It ensures faster approval by making the entire process online. Rapid Car Loans doesn’t consider credit score as the only factor for approval. So, don’t worry about your bad credit history.

Rapid Car Loans offers lower rates and affordable monthly payment schedule. There is no pressure of co-signing and down payment. There won’t be any other loan deal that will be as beneficial as this. Apply now and grab this opportunity!

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Story of an Expensive Car - No Stolen Records

You buy a new car that is worth thousands. You make a commitment of making regular payment towards the car loan. And, your car gets stolen. A nightmare! It is quite terrifying to know that someone stole your car. But, with this car, you won’t have to worry about theft. And, mind well guys, this is no worn-out, tattered used car. We are talking about Tesla model S – the car that aced the Consumer Reports owner satisfaction survey. It was also the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

Tesla Model S at Detroit Auto Show
Don’t think that there is no Tesla on the road to steal. The company sold 20,000 cars last year and just three were reported stolen. In total, just four cars have been stolen since the company started production in USA. Compare it to median theft rate for all cars which is 3.58 thefts per 1000 cars. And you have your answer.

So, what are reasons of Tesla being a thief’s nightmare?
  • Cars are stolen for parts and Tesla’s parts are not very much in demand. This is because most Tesla owners can afford its parts.
  • Tesla doesn’t have the usual key. It can be opened with Key Fob only. This makes it difficult for stealing. Even if a thief steals the car by hacking the company’s network, Tesla will be able to locate the car.
  • Also, it is not practical for thieves to steal a car that runs on a battery. The charge may get over when the police are chasing them.
So, if you are worried about your car being safe in your unsafe locality, Tesla can be a nice alternative for you. Think about it.

Buying a car - new or old, car buyers are often worried about high interest rates. But, now you can rest assure. Lower rates can be yours. Simply apply with Rapid Car Loans. The company is a renowned name in the auto financing market.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Financial Sweatpants

Today I paid off the first of my two federal loans! This, my readers, is what I would like to call unbuttoning and unzipping my tight business slacks. This loan was the one that was sold to the Department of Education when my other one stayed under the same Sallie Mae name. Although it was under another name, I believe Sallie Mae still had some sort of ownership over it because I was still paying on it through their website. I chose this one as my second loan to pay off because it was the lowest of the 2 federals; both started out at $4,500, but where the other one had a 0.5% higher interest rate, its total balance was higher. I will tackle that higher one sitting at a little over $4K next.

If you had told me 2 years ago that I put down almost $17K towards my student loans between March of 2013 and May of 2014, I would have a). told you to walk away, you've got the wrong person or b). figured I hit it big while gambling during the Vegas bachelorette party I knew I was about to attend. I would not have thought it was from budget discipline based around some financial dude’s theory.

It has not been the easiest, especially during changing seasons when I would rather give my hard earned cash to Macy’s over ole’ hag Sallie. However, I know that in the end I will be glad I chose the road to financial sweatpants.

2 down, 4 to go.